Brian Zen

Phone: (646) 388-0887

Prof. Brian “Dr” Zen, CFA, helps clients identify investment opportunities, find dream homes, craft buy/sell strategies and build real estate investment and development careers that could dramatically improve the financial results of their lifetime.

Previously, Brian served as vice president at JPMorgan Chase and portfolio manager at Prudential-Bache Securities and Janney Montgomery Scott, while teaching graduate-level investment analysis at St. John’s University.

Brian started his American Dream as a dishwasher chewing financial calculus books mixed with curbside trash food under New York street lights. Eventually, he became a Bernard Baruch Fellow and graduated summa cum laude from Bernard M. Baruch College with an MBA in financial accounting. He is also a graduate of Columbia University’s executive program in Graham-Buffett Value Investing and remains an ardent disciple of Warren Buffett style value investing in both stocks and real estates.

In his spare time, Brian authored “Superinvestor Digest: Lecture Notes” and created the Zenway Money Mind™ talent development program for CSA Institute, where he serves as the professor and “Money Mind Doctor™” that prescribes mental rewiring and next-generation financial intelligence to investors, traders, and businesses.

After successfully training his own kids and sending his daughter to MIT and his son to Harvard, Brian’s life passion now is to share with the world what he learned about growing talented children, teach people how to “fish”, make the craft of wealth creation fun and simple, and help people recognize and articulate rare 10X investment opportunities that could change people’s lives.