Brian Harlow

Phone: (480) 930-0790

Brian Harlow is a seasoned financial services professional with a two-decade track record in business development and fundraising for hedge funds and alternative investments. Having spent significant periods overseas, including 3 years in Guam, 12 years in Tokyo, Japan, and 5 years split between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Brian brings a wealth of global experience and a proven ability to navigate diverse markets.

Throughout his career, Brian has demonstrated a unique ability to forge meaningful relationships, navigate diverse cultural landscapes, and secure significant financial backing for various investment projects. His strategic vision, commitment to customer service, and relationship management skills have not only contributed to his own personal success, but have also helped many of his personal and business relationships succeed far beyond their own capabilites, not just once, but several times over. Brian brings all these career and life experiences with him to Florida where he now calls home.