Reginald Lindor

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 561-318-1536

Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Reginald has acquired a keen sense of knowledge of his environment. Observing dynamic changes in this field, trends that came and went within the community while adapting to still provide quality education and service in areas of developing growth in real estate. Mr. Lindor has an extensive background in public service and public safety. He attended University of Central Florida in Orlando and obtained his degree there. He has worked with a variety of reputable professions and has established trust and confidence with the communities he served.

Mr. Lindor is a Retired Hillsborough County Deputy Sheriff . Served and protected his community for almost 10 years. From there, he would visit hundreds of homes to sit with families, providing options of financial protection as an Insurance agent. Helping families is humbling and represents a stature of servitude. With years of experience in the sales industry and public service sector, he has a solid understanding on the many ways to assist families in their needs and desires. That is the core of his work ethic, providing the quality service and setting a standard professionalism. Mr. Lindor prides himself as a family man and takes great honor in caring for his family.

His parents are Caribbean descent, specifically from the West Indies Island. Other pleasurable hobbies he enjoys are camping, skiing, road trips, museums, and the beach.