Myriam P. Hochman

Phone: 561-305-0335

I have been a part-time real estate agent as well as a full-time teacher for some years. I am very excited to announce my commitment to be a real estate agent full-time.

Being a real estate agent part-time gave me the necessary experience to help my clients step by step on their journey. Whether you are selling, buying, or renting it’s hard to know what papers are necessary, what documents to sign (or not), how to find and negotiate the best prices.

Being a teacher taught me to become an excellent listener, helping me understand my clients’ needs and wishes on their real estate endeavors. It also helped me find different ways to explain the difficult process of buying, selling, or renting a home or an investment.

I understand how vital it is for my clients to be present during the whole process, creating a constant communication with the different steps to get to their desired goal. I will accompany you in this journey. I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU.